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Welcome to Weiping's homepage!

Weiping Sun

I am a postdoc research fellow in NTU, Singapore, working with Prof. Mo Li



Research Interests

-Wi-Fi CSI based passive sensing
-MAC/PHY enhancement of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE

Publications (in the order from the most recent)

  1. [IEEE SECON] Kangjin Yoon, Weiping Sun, and Sunghyun Choi, “COALA: Collision-Aware Link Adaptation for LTE in Unlicensed Band,” IEEE SECON 2018, Hong Kong, June 11-13, 2018. (Acceptance ratio: 23.2% = 49/211)
  2. [IEEE SECON] Juheon Yi, Weiping Sun, Jonghoe Koo, Seongho Byeon, Jaehyuk Choi, and Sunghyun Choi, “BlueScan: Boosting Wi-Fi Scanning Efficiency Using Bluetooth Radio,” IEEE SECON 2018, Hong Kong, June 11-13, 2018. (Acceptance ratio: 23.2% = 49/211)
  3. Jaehong Yi, Weiping Sun, Seungkeun Park, and Sunghyun Choi, “Performance Analysis of LTE-LAA Network,” IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 1236-1239, 2018. [IF: 1.988]
  4. [ACM HotWireless] Weiping Sun, Jeongyeup Paek, and Sunghyun Choi, “CV-Track: Leveraging Carrier Frequency Offset Variation for BLE Signal Detection,” ACM HotWireless 2017, Snowbird, Utah, USA, Oct. 16, 2017.
  5. [IEEE ICNP] Weiping Sun, Jonghoe Koo, Seongho Byeon, Woojin Park, Sangsoon Lim, Daehyun Ban, and Sunghyun Choi, “BlueCoDE: Bluetooth Coordination in Dense Environment for Better Coexistence,” IEEE ICNP 2017, Toronto, Canada, Oct. 10-13, 2017. (Acceptance ratio: 18.7% = 39/209)
  6. Kangjin Yoon, Taejun Park, Jihoon Kim, Weiping Sun, Sunwook Hwang, Ingab Kang, and Sunghyun Choi, “COTA: Channel Occupancy Time Adaptation for LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum,” IEEE DySPAN 2017, Baltimore, MD, USA, Mar. 6-9, 2017.
  7. Kitaek Lee, Jonghoe Koo, Weiping Sun, and Sunghyun Choi, “Power Consumption Modeling of BLE Advertising Devices,” ICTC 2016, Jeju, South Korea, Oct. 19-21, 2016. (invited paper)
  8. [IEEE INFOCOM] Weiping Sun, Changmok Yang, Sunggeun Jin, and Sunghyun Choi, “Listen Channel Randomization for Faster Wi-Fi Direct Device Discovery,” IEEE INFOCOM 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 10-15, 2016. (Acceptance ratio: 18.25% = 300/1644)
  9. [IEEE INFOCOM] Okhwan Lee, Weiping Sun, Jihoon Kim, Hyuk Lee, Bo Ryu, Jungwoo Lee, and Sunghyun Choi, “ChASER: Channel-Aware Symbol Error Reduction for High-Performance WiFi Systems in Dynamic Channel Environment,” IEEE INFOCOM 2015, Hong Kong, Apr. 26-May 1, 2015. (Acceptance ratio: 19% = 316/1640)
  10. [IEEE CommMag] Weiping Sun, Okhwan Lee, Yeonchul Shin, Seongwon Kim, Changmok Yang, Hyoil Kim, and Sunghyun Choi, “Wi-Fi Could Be Much More,” IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 52, no. 11, pp. 22-29, Nov. 2014. [IF=10.435]
  11. [IEEE INFOCOM] Munhwan Choi, Weiping Sun, Jonghoe Koo, Sunghyun Choi, and Kang G. Shin, “Reliable Video Multicast over Wi-Fi Networks with Coordinated Multiple APs,” IEEE INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada, Apr 27-May 2, 2014. (Acceptance ratio: 19.4%=320/1645)
  12. Weiping Sun, Munhwan Choi, and Sunghyun Choi, “IEEE 802.11ah: A Long Range 802.11 WLAN at Sub 1 GHz,” Journal of ICT Standardization, vol. 1, issue 1, May 2013.
  13. Yuanfang Chen, Mingchu Li, Lei Wang, Zhuxiu Yuan, Weiping Sun, Chunsheng Zhu, Ming Zhu, and Lei Shu, “A Proportional Fair Backoff Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks,” IEEE MASS 2009, Macau, Oct. 12, 2009.
  14. Zhuxiu Yuan, Cuiyao Xue, Weiping Sun, Yuanfang Chen, Lei Wang, and Lei Shu, “A Backoff Copying Scheme for Contention Resolution in Wireless Sensor Networks,” ACM WiNTECH 2009, Beijing, China, Sep. 21, 2009.


Professional Activities